Get The Best Of Both Worlds
When trying to choose the best machine to serve your customer base, always go with a combo vending machine.

Snacks and Beverages
One-Stop Shop For All Your Needs
Stay hydrated and grab your snacks in one place with a snack and drink combo vending machine. This perfect business asset is your one-stop snack shop that provides a high capacity of product options, 24/7 access, and flexibility.

Convenience is King
Customers Need Both Snacks and Beverages
Having both snacks and beverages in the same machine for your customer’s pleasure increases their willingness to snack. Which means they spend more time in your business, or more energy working for your business. Either way, it’s a win-win. The combo machine has two different temperature zone settings to ensure that the beverages stay cold and the snacks stay fresh.

What Kind of Snacks Are Available for My Combo Vending Machine?
Give Customers Easy Access to Refrigerated Foods, Snacks, and Cold Beverages
The items you can put inside a combo vending machine include chips, candy, gum and mints, soda, juices, and water. You will also have the option to supply your vending machine with canned or bottled beverages. Combo vending machines help operators effectively serve a large number of customers.

Customer Payment Methods
Ultimate Vending Machine Technology
Placing your high-tech combo vending machine in a high-traffic location will deliver instant pleasure. Taking away the need to carry cash only enhances how many customers can benefit from your machine. With cashless, pay-by-phone, debit, and credit card options, everyone can enjoy a snack. No excuses.

Combo Snacks Options To Save The Day?
Do the Standard Vending Machine Rules Apply to Combo Machines?
Yes! You can put your combo vending machine in many of the same locations as a traditional snack-only vending machine, such as laundry mats, community centers, schools, hospitals, and workplaces.